INTRAA is a group of people committed to improving life for transgender and gender diverse people in Indiana.

INTRAA has an active Facebook Group. Join us and find out more about our group and projects.


INTRAA is affiliated with and supports these groups:

Indiana Transgender Wellness Alliance (ITWA)

ITWA is a wonderful 501c-3 organization promoting wellness issues, doing advocacy work and building alliances throughout the state with Trans organizations.They are organizing the Indiana Transgender Wellness Conference on July 25 in Indianapolis. Support Group

Indy Girlz is a peer-led social/support group for Indianapolis-area MTF transgender women and SOFFAs (significant others, friends, family, and allies ) that usually meets monthly on the fourth Saturday at 3 PM. Those attending the meeting may identify in any number of ways, including but not limited to transsexual, transgender, MTF, crossdresser, transwoman, bi-gender, and drag queen. Those attending may be of any sexual orientation. Support Group

Indy Boyz is a peer-led social/support group for female-to-male transgender people (FTMs) in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. The group has been meeting regularly since 1998. It began as small groups of two or three friends each, who came together looking for support from others. Typical attendance at a meeting ranges from 15 to 25 people with equal representation of FTMs and SOFFAs. Indy Boyz Facebook group

Indiana Transgender Network

The Indiana Transgender Network aggregates resources available to transgender and gender diverse people living in the state of Indiana. Our goal is to make it easier for people making a gender transition or trying to understand the subject of gender identity to find counselors, medical resources, legal information, support groups, advocacy organizations and other help on their journey.

Speaker's Bureau

We continue to provide panels to groups of all kinds, especially college classes, to educate as many people as possible about what "transgender" means.

Please email with your request for a panel for your group or class. Speaker's Request Form